Our Philosophy & Vision

At Liberty Kid’s we aim to provide a high quality childcare setting which nurtures the holistic development of every individual child and encourage them to become active participants in society. We recognise parents/carers as the children’s first and most important educators and as such we are committed to building strong positive parental partnerships.

We aim to provide a safe and secure setting which will stimulate each child through a wide range of play based child led activities and outdoor experiences. These activities and experiences form the foundation of positive relationships and in turn provide children with the tools to develop and flourish as confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Our Mission: To bring together the very best team who are dedicated to providing a nurturing, friendly and home from home environment where children are thriving, happy, have fun and learn through play.

Our Vision: To provide a very high standard of care and education through a holistic approach that embraces curiosity, exploration, nurturing and outdoor learning.

What We Value: Confidence. Achievement. Compassion. Team Building. Resilience. Knowledge. Creativity. Growth. Family. Nurturing. Friendship. Happiness.