My Childs Key Carer

Building relationships, supporting and encouraging
It is widely acknowledged that children settle more easily when home and nursery are ‘joined up’ and this is the principle behind Liberty Kids ‘Key Carer’ approach.

Your child’s Key Carer has a special responsibility to take the lead in all aspects of care, learning and development for your baby or child.
 They will also give you a firm point of contact within the nursery, someone with whom you may discuss changes to care routines or events that may affect your child.

Each Key Carer only works with a small number of children, giving them the opportunity to make each child feel safe and cared for and giving them the time to build important relationships with you their parents too. Your child will also have a second Key Carer to ensure that when their main Key Carer is away, there is a familiar and trusted person who knows your child well.

Specifically a Key Carer develops a secure and trusting relationship with the children and families they are responsible for.

They will support your child’s settling in, helping your baby or child to become familiar with the centre and to feel confident and safe within it. Greeting your child as they arrive each day. Providing a secure emotional base for your child by being physically available to them throughout the day.

They will support your child’s development, through their interests and explorations. Using regular observations and individual planning to guide their continuing development. Completing children’s Learning Journeys regularly each week, which you are invited to look at and enjoy at anytime.

To be responsible for feeding and changing, sitting with your child at meal times. Holding children whilst bottle-feeding, maintaining eye contact and having conversations. Changing and toileting your child, using sensitive handling and familiar words. Dressing and washing your child, offering help as needed but also supporting their independence.

To provide emotional support, by understanding and helping children to manage their feelings appropriately, for example, by gentle holding, providing words for feelings and empathy in a way suited to your child. By acknowledging your children’s feelings such as anger, joy, distress, excitement, jealousy, love and offering explanations and reassurances calmly and gently.

To provide you with detailed feedback on your child’s day. Taking messages or new instructions from the family and passing them on/recording and acting upon them as appropriate.

Liberty Kids realise the key importance of this role to your child and we have regular opportunities to reflect on their role as Key Carer with our skilled, knowledgeable Deputy and Manager.